Cure and Prevent Heartbreak – Takes Ten minutes once a week.

The cure and prevention of heartbreak is a vision. If you have a healthy vision, you cannot get a heart break. A heart break comes when everything you’ve got, emotionally at least, depends on what you expect to happen, happening. It doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes things go wrong but if you have a healthy vision you’ll patch up the break and get on with things pretty smartly.

So, today, lets do a heart break prevention programme. Take a large sheet of paper. Make three concentric circles. The outer is BE, the middle is DO and the inner is HAVE.

There are eight segments- Spiritual, Mental, Social, Career, Health, Financial, Relationship and Family.

Today your exercise is to fill this form out for the next 12 months of your life. What you would love to BE, DO, HAVE in each of the seven areas of life. For clarity, social means contribution to the world, and mental means your education, knowledge and learning.

If you make each of the seven areas of life exciting and inspiring things to aim for, enjoyable to do, then yes, if your heart gets broken at home there’s still seven areas of life to invest in. If, on the other hand, you find yourself giving up on all the other areas of life in order to save your relationship, or save yourself from heartbreak and discomfort, you will eventually have more than a broken heart. You will have depression or worse.

​By filling this out with spirit and enjoyment, you will create a simple map and a foundation for living confidently

“The soul, in its intelligence, searches for its Self, slowly ascending the path that leads to enlightenment and liberation. It is an arduous, delightful journey through the cycles of birth, death and rebirth culminating in Self Realization, the direct and personal spiritual experience of God, of the Self, of Truth. This alone among all things in the cosmos can bring freedom from the bondage’s of ignorance and desire. This is the highest realization. There is none greater. Yogi’s believe that all women and men are on this path and that all will ultimately reach its summit. It is a glorious and encouraging concept – that every single soul will reach Truth, ”

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