Spiritual Practice for 2 Minutes a Day for Peace of Mind

We have two aspects to our nature. As Swedenborg described it, we have a spiritual nature and a natural nature. In biblical writings they say you have a natural body and a spiritual body. In the natural body you live in dualism, in the spiritual body you live in synthesis or unity.

The dualisms that we encompass when we live in the natural body, our physical nature, are inescapable as long as we live through our senses and through our body, and therefore we will experience the dance of polarities, the dance of peace and war, etcetera. Nobody has ever escaped this.
There have been mystical writings throughout the ages of so-called masters. Sometimes they’ve been masters of the Far East or masters of the West, but they have depicted an ideal of human consciousness that is able to transcend duality.

It’s always in some far-off place that these beings are found, or not found, but never in actual location or attainment by other people. You hear about these mystery beings who were able to perform certain feats, but nobody ever saw ‘em; there’s always just a description of them, but never an actual sighting or documentation.

Beware of the mythological and mystery writings that are rampant in culture, because they create, as Einstein said, “An idealism that creates great suffering.”

Great suffering in the sense of; “We can’t attain this, so what’s wrong with us?”

It’s like an optimistic thinking that says, “We’re supposed to be positive all the time, what’s wrong with me, why can’t I do it?” How many of you understand this illusion? This is so rampant it is actually believed to be true, because it is the collective unconscious and conscious that has now infiltrated the cultures of the world with this belief system.

Very few cultures have escaped it, and we are now at a turning point; a paradigm shift is about to occur, and you are part of it.

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