Start the day with a universal viewpoint.

If you see order in your body, you can manage your big toe. If you see order in your family, you can manage yourself. If you see order in your community, you can manage your family. If you see order in your city you can manage your suburb, if you see order in your province or state, you can manage your suburb. If you see order in the world you can manage your country. If you see order in the universe you can manage your country. This is what determines your reality.

​If you have a global vision it’s because you have a universal viewpoint. You can’t manage anything from the level of the thing. If you are trying to manage or lead something you are in, then you are a part of the problem you are trying to solve. It is like tickling yourself.

​Each morning rise to the idea of connecting to a universal viewpoint. Look for beauty, order, in the universe, the world, your country, your state, city, suburb, family and self. Make sure you see the universal laws playing out in your REALITY each morning. This is the work of the day. To set yourself spiritually so that you can be a service, so that you can live your vision, so that you can bring your heart and soul to whatever you do.

There are four questions that represent the human heart, those are:

1. Where am I going? There must be certainty about this … any vagueness will close your heart and leave you stranded in your mind or body, looking for short term solutions, agitated about the real question, Where am I going. By the end of 30 days you must know, not just in your mind, but in your heart of hearts, where am I going. Then, when you know that you know that you know that you know, you can ask this question of yourself every morning: “Where am I going?” And your heart will open with willingness and love for life.

2. Where did I come from? Without the universal laws by your side you may be tempted to answer this question with a benign and trivial throw away, like “from my mother and father” or worse “from Melbourne, Hong Kong, Paris” This is the small view point from which a boundary is placed on the first question “where am I going?” The length of your view in the future is limited only by the length of your view of the past. Where did you come from? Study the stars, seek your answer in the great story of creation. This is what frees your heart to be open to the future.

3. Who am I? Oh, how many times to we ask this question of ourselves? We answer and those answers last for weeks and then fail. Oh, I am my work but when you get totally messed up at work, you realise you cannot be your work otherwise it is only a temporary you. You might say “Oh, I am my body, without my body I am not me” Surely this is true until we visit the funeral of someone we love so intently that we cannot bare the pain at which time we recognise that there is a separation between the physical of love and the spiritual. Yes, they were their body, but no, they are more, because my love still exists for them even though all else is gone to dust. I cannot be my body only. The larger your answer to this question the larger will be your answer to “where am I going?” and “where did I come from?” Only those who really expand the exploration of self into the no-self and beyond will comprehend the possibilities of life. This is what frees your heart to exist in the present.

4. Why am I here? We begin with answers so shallow it is embarrassing. We say “happiness” We say “fun” We say “enlightenment” oh how droll. Why would the entire existence of nature have a clear purpose, even a grain of sand on a beach has a purpose and yet, we can be so easily distracted and say “my reason for being here is to enjoy myself, make money, make babies, build business and write books.” What sort of reason is that? There will be a balance of pleasure and pain in your life. Why would you commit to a paradigm that guarantees that 50% of your life you will be disappointed? I cannot imagine a worse or more troublesome proposition than to pursue life with that myth. It would leave you vulnerable to emotional roller coasters, marketers, seducers, and the many winds of the world you live in. It may even lead you to say “I don’t want to live in this world.” But the world is not fucked up. The world is the world. What can be a really big error is heading off into life and work and love thinking that the result can be measured in pleasure. The answer to “Why am I here” is the key that opens the door to the question “who am I” and that is the key that opens the door to “Where did I come from” and that is the key that opens the door to the question “where am I going?” and that is the answer that opens the door of your heart, to you, to me and to all you meet.

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