timeoutLearning how to take time out for you, call it me time, is probably the single greatest key to lasting relationships, business success, personal health and innerwealth. The time available is shrinking in this digital world, it’s getting harder to be honest with ourselves as we’re surrounded by subliminal marketing, sounds, electronic footprints we are unaware of. Old ways are too clumsy. We need new science of self awareness, a REAL nature based, non denominational, easy to apply honestly that brings us home to self, a place from which all can grow, all can evolve, all can change and yet, inside, internally, life becomes a beautiful constant. This is the real meaning of self sufficiency. It is a commitment to live, love life from the inside out and after 35 years exploring the Himalayas, going to nearly every self help guru on earth, listening to thousands of hours of keynotes and presentations and sitting in meditation and yoga for hundreds of hours, I know Back on Track has distilled the essence of it. A short cut straight to the heart of self sufficiency leading to the ability to live, love life while all else remains in its essential state of flux.

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