Walker’s Wisdom

If you balance your mind you are meditating.

If you see both sides of something you are leading

If you know there are two sides to people and focus on the positive you are healing

If you see something wrong and look for the benefit you are acting not reacting

If you make a decision when the positives and negatives are perfectly equal then you’ve made the best decision, yours.

If you resign yourself to having support and challenge in your day, you become calm

If you look for the order in the chaos you become inspired

If you think in balance at work you come home and turn up for love

If you go to work with a balanced mind, you turn up inspired

If you see someone you judge then see the other side you’ve unlearned – you’ve evolved

If you expect people to be half people (good without bad etc) and suddenly celebrate both, you become a parent

If you want to make the world a better place and stop trying to change it, and instead change how you see it, you make the world a better place

If you move your got to and should do to love to, you’ve truly lived

If you see balance you see beauty and if you see beauty in all things your are enlightened in reality.

If you know how to move emotion to balance you will be in the zone in sport

If you can think in balance your body will stay young

If you eat in balance, drink in balance, your mind will celebrate love

If you think in balance all day you’ll come home with more energy than you left with

If you can be ambivalent about something you can manage it

If you move an emotional like or an emotional dislike to ambivalence and add gratitude, you have inspired yourself.

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