The Innerwealth Power Hour For Women

Evolve Your Career. Master Your Life.

I’ve been working with a powerful group of women to perfect the process of the “Power Hour for Women” and we’re well on the way. Here’s the latest design for the Power Hour.


Do you know what the Innerwealth Power Hour Is?

Let me explain in a few words:

Each day, you get out of bed, throw yourself at the day with as much energy and commitment as you can muster. Each thing that happens draws a few grams of your vitality and those things that challenge you draw more than those that are enjoyable.

By the end of the day, there’s a balance sheet. Energy in – Energy out. If there’s more out than in, this is called exhaustion. If you come home from work exhausted your relationship will suffer. Especially your relationship with yourself.

The Innerwealth Power Hour has two objectives:

  1. To cause the balance sheet of the day to be in favour of energy in. Bring you home with more energy than you left with in the morning.
  2. To maintain your mind, body and spirit in a great condition with a little touch on each on a daily basis, to get all that done in a busy life in less than an hour, including gym, yoga, fun, food, spirit, meditation, me time and emotional mud scrapping.


About Innerwealth Technologies.

About 30 years ago I was studying zen, practicing yoga and doing great organic eating when I began to realise the time investment in those things was actually making the rest of my life harder rather than more enjoyable. I tried backing off my work but I love my work and doing less of it made me more miserable.

So, I went back to basics and asked “how can I distill the benefit of one hour of zen into five minutes?” How can I get the benefits of yoga in ten minutes? How can I clean off the emotional debris of my day without hours travelling to therapy, expensive pussy cat sessions and do it in 5 minutes.

The result of that quest is the Innerwealth Power Hour.

The key to the Power Hour is that it, and all its little steps get done daily. There’s no accumulated stress to take home to spoil your love life. There’s no postural habits that accumulate to the weekend for yoga classes between rushing around with the kids or partner. There’s no emotional mud that dries up on your skin and then needs a stone chipping therapy session to clean and you left with weeks or months of unconscious anger or imbalance.

  1. Daily a clear mind
  2. Daily be engaged body
  3. Daily feel fresh
  4. Daily dare to succeed
  5. Daily dream big
  6. Daily give yourself a break.

Proven to work

The Innerwealth Power Hour is not so easy for every woman. Some wish to remain angry. Some like the the confusion of emotion. Some really prefer long hours in yoga and meditation. These things are not in conflict with the rest of the benefits of a Power Hour. It simply means this woman has mastered her work life so she has the time. And what better can she use it for than much earned and valued me time. But there are those women who have just been promoted, or whose job just expanded, or whose business is growing so fast that they need big hours and big energy and don’t have much left at the end of the day and the power hour offers a solution in those times.

How to Learn The Innerwealth Power Hour

I have created a 30 day online programme, backed by my coaching to personalise the steps into a woman’s reality. Sometimes there’s a bit of old mud needs to be chipped or scraped off. Sometimes there’s a bit of kindness to get over a historical challenge. And this is all covered in the 30 days with numerous consults, coaching and support as needed. The end result is more Love. More love for self, for life, for others, for work, for family. That’s the result because people do best when their heart is filled with love and self kindness. They achieve more in business and at home.







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